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Make the World Smile

Slowly rising up

Make The World Smile

Slowly rising up

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I'd like to slowly get this comm moving, and I'd like to start by issuing a challenge of sorts to everyone.

Smile at ten different people this week, and

tell others about this community, and

challenge them to do the same.

That's all it takes to start something beautiful and warm and wonderful inside of someone. So try it. Reach out and touch someone with a single smile or a warm welcome this week.

Post in and tell us about it. Encourage us with your happy news.
  • There are *heaps* of "I like smiling at people" statements within my own blog's comments, recently -
    that would be a good space in which to track down potential participants...
    • Thank you so much! If you're all right with it, I'd love to see who else enjoys smiling at people. You're so sweet to let me know! ^_^
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