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Make the World Smile

Posting once more

Make The World Smile

Posting once more

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Sorry for the lack of posting and comments; RL has kept me bogged down with many things to do. I did get a chance to snag some bags of candy and wrap a few up in tissue and ribbons to distribute around my offices. Even the people I'd only spoken to once received one, and there were a lot of smiles that day.

Christmas is only two days away, and so many other holidays are also being celebrated this month. Whatever religion you are, whatever your thoughts on it may be, seek out friends and family and tell them how much they mean to you.

Then, we'll only have a week until the New Year! Does anyone have any resolutions? What do you think this community should do resolution wise? Should we have a theme that everyone follows each week? Should we take pictures of something we've done/are going to do and post them?

Let me know. Let's start the New Year off with smiles all around.
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